We care for the environment

At EET we are very aware of our environmental footprint and we are determined to reduce the impact of our activities on the climate. Learn more about our many initiatives here.

CO2 footprint

Focus on minimizing emissions

Definitions of GHG emissions are based on the GHG Protocol corporate standard and they are measured based on various inputs from each country such as invoiced electricity/heating, freight, travel, company cars, etc. Where possible, we gradually incorporate initiatives to minimize our CO2 footprint.

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CO2 offset

One million trees

As a distributor, the by far largest source of emissions is our outbound transportation. Planting trees is one of the best tools in removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere, which is why we have teamed up with Ecologi, a company dedicated to finding the world’s best climate crisis solutions. On top of the carbon credits EET already buys to offset emissions related to our outbound shipments, we are committed to planting one tree for every five shipments leaving our warehouses. With around 1.1 million outbound shipments a year, we will have planted at least one million trees by 2025.

Learn more about climate positive shipments here

Right to repair

Extending life of electronic devices

EET has been a leading player in the spare parts market for decades. We enable manufacturer EU “Right to Repair” Regulations compliance by offering easy and fast access to spare parts. By extending the lifespan of electronic products, EET contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the rapid growth of technology hardware.

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Reduce plastics in products packaging

Sustainable packaging

Plastic waste has become a huge problem across the globe and packaging generates the most plastic waste of any sector. In EET, we are focused on reducing plastic in the product packaging chain and very aware of our responsibility of reducing our environmental footprint.

Reduce transport packaging

Green packaging

We have introduced new packaging compressors significantly reducing the number of annual waste pickups from 40-50 to 6-8 times a year, thus reducing transportation and carbon emissions.

Green Packaging

Reduce and recycle waste

Why waste it?

We want to contribute to reducing and recycling waste. We use plastic waste compressors to improve the recyclability of this type of waste. Our efforts are aimed at optimising and reducing packaging and other types of waste as well.

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Optimise transportation

Transportation in focus

We continuously work with our transportation partners on the climate impact of transport and shipping. We expect them to provide carbon footprint data related to our activities so we can continue to improve.

Save Energy

Reduce energy consumption

Save energy!

We have a focus on reducing energy consumption such as electricity and heating. Where feasible, we update our electrical and heating installations to become more energy efficient.

Company cars

Driving change

We do not have a large company car fleet, but in the effort to drive change and reduce fossil fuels, our largest entities have introduced requirements regarding fuel efficiency of company cars as well as encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

Company Cars

TCFD report

The core activities of EET is to source, stock, sell and ship products and as such EET is not involved in either design, development, production or physical transportation which will be undertaken by subcontractors and vendors. The increasing probability and impact of climate-related risks and opportunities do inevitably require a focused review of EET’s governance, strategy, risk management and measurements in the climate-related area. These elements and considerations are described in our TCFD report.

Read TCFD Report