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30 years of spare part and accessories experience provides a compilation of know-how that we are keen to share with our valued customers. EET is the biggest distributor in the world of parts for leading PC and Server brands. Our understanding and technical expertise not only help resellers find the right parts and serve their customers – it also offers the ability to give insights which can drive growth and profitability. Speak to your account manager about how EET´s data can help grow your business.

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The EET Buy Back service is a secure, sustainable, and stress-free way to dispose used, excess or redundant IT assets. EET buys the relevant products at fair market prices. Let´s talk.

Secure data sanitisation

Industry-leading software, fully compliant with Government standards.

The sustainable option

R2 certified business that refurbishes over 99% of the received IT equipment.

Full documentation

Full end-of-life and data sanitisation documentation for complete peace of mind.

Secure collection and transportation

GPS and CCTV are fitted to all vehicles, and all assets are tagged and registered.

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Reducing environmental footprint

At EET we are very aware of our environmental footprint and we are determined to reduce the impact of our activities on the climate. Planting trees is one of the best tools for removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere. For every five shipments leaving our warehouses, we are planting a tree. With around 1.1 million outbound shipments a year, we will plant more than 220,000 trees a year – that’s an area the size of two tennis courts every day!


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