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EET Group expands its board with a strong profile

25. november 2020

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Britta Korre Stenholt, CEO in the building materials group STARK, is appointed to strengthen the operational and strategic inputs to the management of EET Group.

It is a significant business profile that now joins EET Group's Board of Directors. The 49-year-old cand.scient.oecon., Britta Korre Stenholt, who has been in charge of the building materials company STARK Denmark for the past four years, is set to play a central role in the continued growth of EET Group.

Britta Korre Stenholt, who was a runner up for the title  ‘Leader of the Year 2020’, has a past in the telecommunications industry, but was brought to STARK  in 2015 as the new sales director. Just two years later, she took over the executive chair of the Danish building materials giant.

"We are very happy that Britta is coming on board. Not least because she has experience and competencies which we in EET Group can benefit from", says Chairman of the Board Bo Rygaard, and goes on to point out that there are obvious parallels between STARK and EET Group.

Regardless of the difference in product portfolios, both companies are characterised by being distribution and logistics professionals at the core. This is where Britta's extensive hands-on experience, both as sales director and CEO, can prove extremely valuable for EET Group, says Bo Rygaard, who also emphasises that Britta Korre Stenholt's experience from the telecommunications industry is a strength in relation to EET's continued digitisation strategy.

At the same time, Bo Rygaard openly admits to the fact that the choice is also about diversity; "We want a woman on the board of directors, simply because we are currently only a group of men and because we believe that increased diversity - in a broad sense - is a way to create greater value".

Britta Korre Stenholt did not hesitate when she received the offer; "EET is a very exciting company with many opportunities, and since I also know several of the board members to be really talented people, I immediately saw an obvious match, so it did not take long to consider".

I believe I can contribute especially when it comes to the operation- that is, the entire value chain that is about buying big, breaking up into smaller units and delivering the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time. In this context, I also feel confident that I can contribute with a number of strategic perspectives on EET Group's market presence and continued growth.

Britta Korre Stenholt

For further information, please contact

Chairman of the Board Bo Rygaard, EET Group, on telephone 40150708

Facts about Britta Korre Stenholt

- Born 1971

- Adm. Director, STARK Denmark (2017- )

- Sales Director, STARK Denmark (2015-2017)

- Employed in TDC as resp. Senior Vice President, Vice President, Senior Director and Market Director (2002-2014)

- Board member, Danske Byggecentre (2017-)

- Chairman of the Board, Danish Industry Trade (2020-)

- Deputy Chairman of the Board, Danish Industry (2020-)

- Board member, Danish Industry (2019-2020)

- Graduated cand.scient.oecon from the University of Southern Denmark 1997