Carts & Cabinets

Leba NoteCart Unifit 24 Laptops
Leba NoteLocker 12 is a convenient storage and charging solution with 12 individual compartments.
Leba NoteCart Unifit 16 is a mobile storage and charging solution for 16 laptopswith Sliding shelves.
Leba NoteBox 16, tabl. storage only
HP Power Bank Charging Module
Leba NoteBag - Grey
Leba NoteBag - Grey
Leba Note Bag Grey
Leba Note Bag Grey
Leba NoteBox 5, tabl., key, 5 USB A
Leba NoteCart UniFit, 40 unit, usb
Leba NoteCart for storage
Leba NoteLocker, Masterkey for code
Leba Wall-Mounted Locker, 5 Compartments, Power Outlets and Key Lock
Dell Compact Charging Cart
Leba Notecase 20 tablets, USB charged, Schuko connection
AVer 12 device max, 100~120V, 50/60Hz, 12A, 22.5 kg, EU
Leba NoteBox 16 tablets is a compact storage and charging solution for 16 tablets.
Leba NoteCart Flex, special        For 16 tablets incl. fan, sync, timer
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