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CoreParts Micro USB Charger 10W 5V 2A Plug: Micro-USB EU Wall with 1M cable for Samsung Galaxy, Sony xperia, LG Mobile, Xiaomi Redmi, BT Speaker

CoreParts Micro USB Charger 10W 5V 2A Plug: Micro-USB EU Wall with 1M cable for Samsung Galaxy, Sony xperia, LG Mobile, Xiaomi Redmi, BT Speaker




In CoreParts you will find a range of adapters that match the performance of your original adapter with different capacities and manufactured by high-end, certified and trusted suppliers.

  • High Quality

  • Tested and certified

  • Matching Performance

  • Reliable with 12 month Warranty

Nie można było pobrać danych dotyczących powiązanych produktów.

Nie można było pobrać danych dotyczących powiązanych produktów.

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ThinkPad Tablet

Yoga Tablets




Camera compact



Plug and Play


Product colour


Other features

Country of origin




Power consumption (standby)

0,1 Watt

Package dimensions


10,3 cm

Gross Weight

0,048 kg


2,4 cm


14,7 cm

Packaging data

Quantity per pack

1 pc(s)




Charger compatibility


Charger type


Power source type


USB 2.0 ports quantity



AC adapter output current

2 A

Input frequency

50/60 Hz

Input voltage

100 - 240 V

Maximum output voltage

5 V

Maximum power

10 Watt

Output current

2000 mA

Product dimensions

Net Weight (Product, kg)

0,048 kg

Technical details

Output voltage

5 V

Vendor information

Brand Name


1 Rok/Lata


Micro USB Charger 10W 5V 2A Plug: Micro-USB EU Wall with 1M cable for Samsung Galaxy, Sony xperia, LG Mobile, Xiaomi Redmi, BT Speaker

In CoreParts you will find a range of adapters that match the performance of your original adapter with different capacities and manufactured by high-end, certified and trusted suppliers.

*Powyższe dane produktu są dostarczane przez Icecat. EET nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za błędy w tym zakresie.