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A responsible EET

EET is a responsible employer, citizen and supply chain partner and we work closely with our supply partners on various themes within Governance and Environment. Learn more about how we choose sustainable solutions where possible.

Code of conduct

Business with integrity

We value ethical behaviour and perform business with integrity. Our commitment to comply with Danish and other applicable laws and regulations shall always prevail over our business goals and needs. Our Code of Conduct summarizes the fundamental ethical attitudes and integrity standards shared across all companies within the EET Group.

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Code of conduct, offensive behaviour

Consideration, courtesy and dignity in EET

In EET, offensive behaviour, including sexual harassment, bullying, or violent behaviour, is not tolerated. Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect, consideration, courtesy and dignity. In the below document, you can read our framework for conduct and behaviour at EET with a specific focus on culture, offensive behaviour and wellbeing.

Read our Code of Conduct - offensive behaviour edition


Blow your whistle

In an effort to safeguard our commitment to Ethical treatment and adherence to our Code of Conduct, we have instituted a procedure for reporting violations of EET’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. Everyone in the EET and affiliated companies is obligated to report breaches, or reasonable suspicions of breaches, of the Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy by following the procedure outlined in our whistleblower policy.

Read our Whistleblower policy
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GDPR - Personal Data

Safety first

We collect, store and protect any personal data according to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and comply with its privacy and security requirements.


Opposing all forms of corruption and fraud

We are committed to performing business in an open and transparent manner, in all locations, at all times. No corruption or fraudulent behaviour is tolerated. All EET personnel, which includes any party representing EET, is prohibited from directly or indirectly offering or accepting any improper advantage in connection with a position, office, or assignment.

Learn more in our anti-corruption policy

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

Close collaboration is key

We promote corporate responsibility and sustainability also in our supply chains. We cooperate closely with our suppliers and business partners in pursuit of this aim. Accordingly, we have prepared a specific code of conduct to illustrate what we expect of our suppliers and business partners. When selecting new suppliers, emphasis is given to social and environmental standards. Learn more in our supply chain code of conduct covering human rights, workers’ rights, children's rights, the environment and corruption.

Read EET Supply Chain Code of Conduct
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Conflict minerals

Commitment to responsible sourcing

As a distributor of products that can contain 3TG (tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold), we understand the importance of avoiding conflict minerals and are committed to sourcing products from companies with shared values around human rights, ethics, and environmental responsibility. Visit our Conflict Mineral Policy to learn more about our stance on conflict minerals and how we ensure our suppliers' adherence to conflict-free production and sourcing.

Read our Conflict Mineral Policy

Quality policy

Quality to the core

EET defines quality as the conformance and continuous improvement of services and products to established and documented requirements from customers and authorities. In our quality policy, we have clearly stated our ambitions of quality.

Read our Quality Policy
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Vendor assessments

Global vendor portfolio

We perform vendor assessments and qualifications of prospective suppliers to determine if they can meet our quality and environmental standards and obligations.

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Customer satisfaction

Happy customers, happy EET

EET highly values our customers’ opinions, feedback, and loyalty. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys to continuously learn and keep refining and improving our products and services. Surveys are a valuable tool to keep our customers close and their experiences on top.