Day-to-day delivery all over Europe


EET Group is an expert within logistics and understands the importance of a smooth logistical process. We have invested great resources to ensure correct, efficient and safe handling of the thousands of shipments leaving the premises every day. Our state-of-the-art logistics centre handles more than 1,1 million shipments annually to more than 43.000 EMEA customers.

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Automated Warehousing

To support our growing business and stay ahead in terms of reliability, efficiency, and availability, we have invested great resources in optimising our logistic procedures to the highest standards. Every day 44 robots move tirelessly around our customised aluminium grid, picking and delivering goods to our staff, for them to handle. This revolutionary AutoStore system entails remarkable order accuracy, stock variation and capacity, storage efficiency and fulfilment speed.

Logistic Services

EET Group Logistics Centre is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. To ensure our high shipping reliability, we also have local warehouses in United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, Poland and Ukraine. EET Group offers a variety of popular logistical services to suppliers and customers.


EET Group takes care of the RMA process to provide the customer total peace of mind.

Documented Packaging Process

We ensure correct and safe packaging thanks to more than 170 surveillance cameras monitoring all incoming and outgoing shipments.

Warehouse Services

EET Group offer customers to use our warehouse as their designated distribution and warehouse hub.

Blind shipments

On request, we ship directly to your customer on your behalf. The order will be packed in an unmarked box with a generic packing slip.

Logistic Partners

EET Group have great partnerships with international logistic companies, and offers a wide variety of shipping options to meet your specific business needs.