Transportation & logistics

Moving businesses forward

Solutions supporting businesses to go that extra mile

Our product experts are ready to guide you in choosing the right solutions for transportation and logistics purposes to make sure that the processes are as efficient and effective as possible. Actively managing the supply chain offers tremendous cost- and time-saving opportunities you do not want to miss out on.

Mobile Computers

Build to withstand the journey

Mobile computers fulfil several needs of fleet management. They facilitate contact with drivers through integrated voice and data communication and visibility of the location and health of assets through real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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To protect and serve

EET offers surveillance solutions to improve logistic processes and productivity. With our surveillance solutions, you are able to oversee your operations, monitor all incoming and outgoing shipments and ensure correct and safe packaging. The same system can also protect sites from trespassing, theft, and sabotage, and ensure that employees adhere to safety policies.

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Displays & monitors

Boost efficiency with displays

In EET, we have displays and monitors covering all types of needs. Whether you are looking for signage in warehouses or displays for corporate messaging, shipping status boards or alike, we can provide you with the right solution.

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Our wide product range supports a variety of industries, and our product experts are ready to help you find the right solutions for your specific needs. Please reach out to your local EET sales office and have a chat about the many possibilities.

Søren Drewsen, EET Group CEO

Spare parts

Extending life of electronic devices

EET has been a leading player in the spare parts market for decades. We offer easy and fast access to spare parts, extending the lifespan of electronic products and contributing to a more sustainable approach to the rapid growth of technology hardware.

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Optimal scanning solutions

Numerous parts of the logistics chain call for optimal scanning solutions. With the right scanning products, you are able to leverage track and trace possibilities, identify, manage and evaluate assets, maximise efficiency and optimize customer service. Contact our experts to learn more about the solutions EET offers.

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Cables for all purposes

EET carries the broadest assortment of cables for all industries and all applications. We can assure you of high convenience as we keep a large stock of cables and offer you day-to-day delivery all over Europe.

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