Meeting the demands of an evolving retail industry

The future of retail has arrived

EET offers solutions that incorporate the most up-to-date technologies to meet the demands of the evolving retail industry. With our partners' market-leading hardware, we are able to supply you with everything needed to ensure successful installations and customer satisfaction. Our product portfolio for retail purposes includes various surveillance equipment, label- and POS printers, terminals, barcode scanners, mobile computers and Wi-Fi infrastructure, touch monitors, cash drawers, handheld terminals, peripherals and supplies.


Bring in customers. Keep out crime. Investigate incidents.

An effective video system is a key tool in all types of stores to ensure the safety of facilities and customers, prevent theft, reduce unknown loss and monitor that everything works correctly. Thanks to the information generated by cameras and intelligent video analytics tools, it is possible to increase sales, improve customer service and, ultimately, optimize the performance of the commercial establishment.

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POS systems

It’s all about the POS system

Food and non-food stores, retail outlets, supermarkets, catering and hospitality businesses, snacking and take away outlets, leisure and sporting venues – our POS systems provide management and cash register/till optimisation for any point of sale situation.

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Cash Drawers

Cool cash drawers

Despite the increase of credit card usage, cash is still going strong and needs to be stored. We have a wide selection of cash drawers that will integrate seamlessly into any POS environment. Choose between front opening, flip flop, stainless steel, black and white.

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We are happy to advise you in finding the right solutions for retail purposes. We have a wide portfolio of products and brands supporting the retail sector in different challenges and needs. 

Søren Drewsen, EET Group CEO


Fast, reliable, durable

We carry barcode readers in all shapes, sizes and forms – from pocket-fixed to handheld, fixed in one place, to mobile scanners.

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Printing media

Printers for all types of POS systems

Equipped with multiple connectivity options, our printers are ready to integrate with any POS system. Choose from a variety of wireless options, including the ability to work with the latest smartphone and tablet operating systems.

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Mobile terminals

Take productivity to the next level

Our mobile computers enable businesses to increase productivity and deliver a seamless customer experience. Mobile terminals speed workflows such as inventory searches, in-store merchandising, and order picking for in-store pickup or delivery.

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