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High-quality tools for modern devices

We Build Tools That Last

Exploring ways to extend the lifetime of modern electronics is our daily business. We want devices to be easily accessible and durable. That’s why we design and manufacture our own specialized tools that are made to last—as well as offer high-quality replacement parts.

We’re known for being the world’s largest repair community. With almost 70,000 free guides on ifixit.com we help people fix their phones, laptops, consoles and other gadgets. Our product engineers processed a decade of repair guide data and hundreds of teardowns to choose all the tools you’ll need to easily open and repair all kinds of devices.

Modern Repairs Require Modern Tools

Nothing’s worse than getting ready to repair your broken device, only to realize you don’t have the correct tool to perform the procedure. We offer every tool needed to get today’s gadgets back to working, making every step from getting into the device to replacing parts a smooth experience.

Discover our range of multi-purpose toolkits, swappable bits, fixed-blade screwdrivers, ESD-safe tools, and tools for specific tasks—whether that’s prying, opening, inspecting, measuring, gripping, organizing, cleaning or cutting. No matter if it’s a routine everyday life repair or a more complex job for a professional, we’ve got what you need for modern repairs where conventional tools don’t stand a chance.

Pro Tech Toolkit

Our best-selling toolkit. With 64 bits and our most popular tools for repairing any gadget.

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Tools For Any Purpose

From high-precision screwdrivers and opening tools in various sizes to practical helpers for staying organized during repairs.

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Repair Business Toolkit

The all-in-one solution for professionals with a full range of bits and drivers, plus opening, cleaning, and diagnostic tools for all kinds of electronics repairs.

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Our Philosophy

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and we toss more than 50 million tons of electronics each year—computers that could be fixed with a new hard drive and phones that would work fine again with a new battery.

Most of our e-waste ends up in landfills all around the globe—where toxic metals leach into the environment and people’s surroundings. Only 20% of all e-waste is properly recycled, and even when a device is recycled, a significant amount of the precious resources inside cannot be recovered.

Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away almost-functional devices shouldn’t be. That’s why we show people how to fix, upgrade and maintain their devices—because we think the best devices are the ones they already own, and we strongly believe in products that are made to last.

Right to Repair

We believe everyone should have the right to maintain and repair their products.

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Our Teardowns

We’ve made a habit out of taking apart the newest gadgets and assessing their repairability.

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Our Tribute to Repair

There are plenty of good reasons to pick up a tool and repair things.

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