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About EET Group

EET Group is a value adding niche IT distributor, providing suppliers and customers with expert industry knowledge, intelligent logistics solutions, unique sales service and smart marketing tools. We operate in 24 markets across Europe, carry over 1100 brands and serve more than 30.000 buying customers annually.


Our mission is to be the preferred distribution partner in Europe within our field. This includes offering long-term and sustainable value for both resellers and suppliers. Thanks to our 30 years of experience within the industry we are able to provide profound specialist knowledge and the support needed to supply our customers with the correct solution, as well as provide suppliers with the ideal platform for them to grow their business.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

EET Group implements corporate activities consistent with our Code of Conduct, focusing on reducing waste and energy consumption, responsible supply chain management, and high traceability of products both upstream and downstream. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of our stakeholders and to maintain their trust by offering high-quality products and services, by ensuring transparency through a collaborative business philosophy and by continuously improving ambitions of ESG.

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Since the foundation of EET Group both our size and our profitability have steadily been increased year after year. In 2021, EET Group delivered a revenue of €575 million. We have a strong underlying cash-flow from operations. We look positively to the future and have high ambitions and expectations for future growth and profitability.

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EET Group is governed by the Board of Directors and the EET Management Group. Our Business Line Directors manage the strategy implementation and development of our business areas. We have 24 sales offices in 24 countries under the commercial name EET. They are headed by our Country Managers.

CEO, EET Group

Søren Drewsen

Responsible for the overall company success and for leading the development and execution of long-term strategies, with the goal of increasing shareholder value.

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Jan Iversen

Responsible for managing the financial company actions including financial planning, tracking cash flow and business intelligence analysis and reporting.


Claus Ring

Responsible for the commercial excellence and country management across our 24 countries including customer strategy, value proposition and pricing.

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Dennis Funch Jensen

Responsible for digital services towards customers, vendors and employees including IT Development, IT Operation and Digital Sales deliverables.


Bjarke Roost

Responsible for the overall supply chain management of EET Group and the EET Logistics Center in Ballerup.

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Katrine Rasmussen

Responsible for Human Resource Management including HR development, HR administration, Talent acquisition and Management as well as the areas Communication, Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance.


Kristian Lading

Responsible for the component division covering strategic product management for the comprehensive portfolio of Spare parts plus the brands within Storage, POS & Auto ID and Consumer Electronics.

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Sheraine Chua Von Bescherer

Responsible for the solution division with strategic product and brand management for the business lines for Professional AV & Digital Signage, Surveillance & Security and Network.

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Business Line Directors

The seven Business Line Directors are responsible for our seven different business areas across EET and EET Group.

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Board of Directors

Our board members contribute to governing the overall position and future strategy of EET and EET Group.

Boards of Directors


During EET Group’s existence, we have successfully acquired 48 companies in order to build and strengthen the offer to our suppliers and customers.

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In EET Group, we are committed to our people, and strive to unlock their highest potential. We are currently growing and looking for new people to join our organization.

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EET Group originates from the Swedish company EET Sweden which was established in 1986. During the first three years of EET Sweden’s existence, new start-ups saw the light of day in Denmark, Norway, and Finland. At that time the Nordic entities were owned separately. In 1997 a UK based private equity fund took ownership of the company and the individual entities were gathered under one umbrella – EET Group. The management and the private equity fund agreed to a long-term strategy of transforming EET Group from a Nordic distributor into a pan-European distributor. Today, EET Group is one of the largest distributors in Europe within our field, operating in 24 markets, serving more than 30.000 annual buying costumers and carrying more than 1.100 brands. This has been achieved through strong organic growth and a very successful acquisitions strategy, delivering 48 acquisitions from 1998 till 2021.