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IT equipment in the right place at the right time – ready to use

Our focus is to provide high-quality storage solutions, customized for schools, institutions and companies.

We offer secure and flexible storage solutions to store and charge your devices. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing storage solutions customized to customer needs. If you are looking for storage for laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads and mobile phones, we can help you.

The history of LEBA Innovation A/S

LEBA Innovation A/S is a Danish company founded in 2005 with its head office and showroom at the old Gisselfeld Monastery in Haslev, south of Copenhagen.

Our first project began long before 2005 – way back in 1999 when we were given the task of finding a secure way to store and charge the then very expensive laptops. There was no such product on the market.

Therefore, we built the very first NoteCart ourselves that saw the light of day while the world entered the new millennium.

Since then and in collaboration with schools and companies, we have innovatively designed and developed many high-quality product lines that ensure IT equipment is in the right place at the right time – ready to use. Whatever devices; laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, Gamer PC and mobile phones.

We will help to ensure that the digitization of schools and companies is not hampered by practical barriers. The use of digital equipment and various devices should be easy, secure and meet the needs of schools and companies whether it is for a storage and/or charging solution

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1 Expected coverage ratio between 9 to 25% 2 High runner product: NoteCart Flex 3 Well-known products – all over Europe 4 Extensive Tender and Sales support – at anytime 5 Products in stock 6 Lots of individual sales material

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Product Introductions

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  • NoteCart:

Do you need to move a large number of devices at once?

NoteCart Series consists of mobile robust storage and chargingwagons for laptops, chromebooks, tablets and iPads. In the different NoteCart products you can store and charge between 12, 16, 24, 30 or 32 devices at a time. NoteCart products are amongst our most famous and popular products, that have a long durability.

  • NoteLocker:

Do you need to store devices in separate rooms?

NoteLocker series consist of stationary charging and storagelockers for laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads and mobilephones. NoteLocker comes with 8, 10 or 12 separate rooms, with each room containing 2 chargers.

  • NoteCase:

Do you need to transport devices between buildings, stories or more locations?

NoteCase is a particularly robust case with castors and telescopic handle with space to store and charge tablets and similar. NoteCase is suitable wherever you need an ultra-portable solution and to transport equipment between buildings, floors or perhaps several locations.

  • NoteBox:

Do you need to store your devices in the same room?

NoteBox consists of compact stationary storage and charging lockers for tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, mobiles, and stationary computers. In the different NoteBox products, you have the possibility of storing between 1, 5, 16 or 32 devices.

  • NoteBag:

Do you need to move a larger number of devices all at once?

NoteBag series consists of smaller transportable storage and charging solutions for tablets, iPads or Chromebooks. NoteBag is an easy transportable storage and charging solution for 5 tablets/iPads with cover. Your devices are fully protected in the padded bag. NoteBag is a secure shoulder bag, designed for schools and institutions. The bag is colorful and can be worn by teachers as well as students. NoteBag is a great solution if you need to bring devices on a field trip to record videos or take pictures.

  • NoteCharge:

Do you need to charge devices intelligently simultaneously?

NoteCharge series consists of a wide range of charging and synchronization solutions for tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and mobile phones. You can gather your devices, so charging only happens from one place. No matter the type of device or the amount, we have a solution that suits your needs. Our charging and synchronization solutions are intelligent solutions where majority also have built-in safety, which means no overheating happens.

Quality that lasts for many years

Leba’s charging solutions have a lovely finish that gives life to any room – something that fits anywhere – even if we one day move the charging solutions from one room to another or arrange the rooms differently. The solutions help people feel more confident in charging

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